Testimonials received re. Riding Lessons and Horse Camps at JL

I thought that some of the testimonials we receive might be helpful to those considering JL....  You are also welcome to book a time to visit and watch a lesson. 


Dec 2014

Hi Leslie, It was great to meet you yesterday. We love your facility and dedication to exellence. It is evident you care a great deal about not only the safety of your students but their enjoyment. Molly had the time of her life. She cried all the way home for fear we wouldn't be coming back. I would love to speak to you about setting something up. Cheers, Anna.


December 14, 2014

Don't worry about riding in bad weather, they have a beautiful indoor arena. Professional instructors and clean facilities.


 December 07, 2014

My first thought that this a serious place. it is by no means done on the cheap and everything seemed to be well organized, and, most importantly, the horses were obviously well tended. My granddaughter enjoyed her experience very much and is keen to return. I will make it happen.


  Sept 2014

JL Equestrian is a small clean and very safe lesson barn at the corner of Huron and Trussler a few minutes out of Kitchener. Students are taught every aspect of horsemanship by a number of experienced coaches. 

 Kids who won't clean up their rooms seem to enjoy mucking out stalls and brushing horses. There are a number of ponies and horses that are suitable for beginner and intermediate riders. This is a laid back and friendly place with an emphasis on safety and responsibility. My daughter has enjoyed being a student and volunteer at JL.



June 16, 2014

I am a 54 year old woman who had never rode a horse because of my extreme fright of heights and horses. To ride a horse was on my bucket list. The owner quickly tried to put me at ease and her love for her horses is evident. The trainer was wonderful and very patient with me. I enjoyed riding Devin so much that I plan on going back as soon as I am able to. I don't know anything about stables but the person I was with does and he said it is one if not the cleanest stable he has ever been in. What impressed me the most was their obvious love and care for these beautiful animals. Thanks so much for your patience and helping to make my first lesson a great one!


May 2014

You run a great place Leslie and Taylor loves to come to your camp.....she has a great time and feels very safe there.  It's one of her favourite things about summer.  :-)



Feb 27, 2014


I just wanted to thank you so much for running such a well-organized business. JL Equestrian Centre is one of the safest teaching barns around Kitchener Waterloo.

You give the students great opportunities to learn about horse care. horse safety and wonderful horsemanship within each group.

My daughter has learned so much at JL and values all the wonderful experiences she has learned from you and your experienced coaches.

You run a top notch facility which I am proud to say my daughter is a part of.

Thank you,



On 2013-08-02, at 9:30 PM, "The MacKay's" wrote:

Hi Leslie,

We met briefly last Friday during the parent presentation where we attended to watch our daughter, Kelsey.  She attended through the Cambridge YMCA program (they were the late group and you spoke with us and her grandmother).  She had a wonderful experience and learned an impressive amount during her week at JL Equestrian.  This was her second year attending and she developed much more confidence and ease in her handling of a horse.  She really enjoyed the program and adored Nifty. 

 You came by during the presentation explaining that children could attend JL directly (not through the YMCA) where the program would be more intense and in depth.  My daughter heard us discussing this and begged us to attend next year.  The logistics are a bit of a problem: my daughter stays with her grandmother that week and dropping her off at the Y is very convenient for her.  Despite that my daughter pleaded her case and I think my mother in law might actually drive her there directly (due to the persuasive powers of her granddaughter). 

I just wanted to let you know that you do a fantastic job and my daughter can't wait until next year to attend camp!

 We were very impressed with the facility and quality of instruction.

 Many thanks!
Theresa MacKay

January 2013
We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience at JL! 
My eight year old daughter has enjoyed every minute of lessons in this safe, friendly and welcoming environment.   Sandy is an excellent teacher whose approach combines enthusiasm with the abililty to adjust her teaching method to suit each individual student in her classes.  She is fun, encouraging and her students learn quickly.  JL is a great stable for the beginner or experienced rider who wants to improve in a non-competitive setting.
Sandra F. 

From an adult student on Dec 15, 2012:
I was so impressed by the lessons.  Learning the technique, control, manoeuvrings and gaining confidence while trotting on a consistent basis was quite a surprise for me.  I worked harder in those lessons than I did in the 9 months I took lessons (elsewhere). 

The stable and arena are very well managed and so clean.  The horses are so personable and look very happy.  It makes me smile when I come in and see all of them peep there heads out of their stall and see who is coming in.

Thanks again.

Sept 1, 2011
 I just wanted to let you know that we are absolutely thrilled that we chose to send our daughter Taylor to a couple of your summer camps this year.  I knew after the first camp earlier in the summer that you ran a top notch stable, based on the level of care you provided to both the children and your animals.  It was apparent right away that you were always putting the safety of the children and the horses above all else.  It is also wonderful to see the kids going to a camp that has high expectations of the children and teaches them about hard work and respect, while at the same time lets the kids have a great time.

After having witnessed what my friend just went through with that "other place" when she accidentally signed her daughter up at the wrong camp, I felt the need to let you know that we, as parents, are so happy to have found such a great environment to leave our children.

Taylor leaves camp everyday really happy and exhausted.  She is obviously being taught discipline and respect....all the while having lots of fun.  

Thank you so much for the great experience you've provided.  Thank you to your camp counsellors as well.

Taylor is already talking about lessons and March Break camp, so I'm sure we'll be back in the near future!

Thanks again for everything Leslie.
Trish & Chris P. 

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